Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy, IAS, Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)

On 21st April, 2018 ‘Civil Services day’ Dr. Reddy was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration for dedicating himself to the cause of citizens in implementation of 2BHK Housing programme. Subsequently he has been awarded Telangana Excellence Award, 2018 for the same project. He has also been instrumental in bringing accolades to Hyderabad city at the national stage by achieving the award for Best State Capital in Solid Waste Management in Swachh Survekshan-2018. In March 2017, Dr. Reddy was one of the very few invites chosen by the office of the President of India to share his experiences in the prestigious “National Roundtable on Innovations in Public Dr Service Delivery”.

Mr. Reddy had the privilege of participation in the National Programme “Satya Meva Jayathe” anchored by the celebrity film star Amir Khan for his efforts in Urban Solid Waste Management. Entered into Limca Book of Records 2013 for inspirational work in converting Municipal dump yards into Resource Parks. Received President of India award for best Community Mobilisation and Poverty Reduction in Urban Areas.

Topper of Career Exam - Secured state 3rd Rank in the State Civil Services Competitive Exam in 1990 to get into State Administrative Service. Subsequently inducted into Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 1996. Distinct Experience as a University Vice Chancellor. Also serving as the Vice Chancellor of the Satavahana University, Karimnagar since past two years. Only few administrators would get the opportunity to head an Academic University, rarely a serving administrator, and that too for a considerable length of time.

Problem Solver - With wide variety of field experiences as administrative head for multifarious departments, Dr. Reddy has gained good exposure in dealing with emerging issues and tries to find out solution for every problem, as he firmly believe that there is no issue belying solution Wherever he work, he is inclined to observe the business practices and come out with solutions for efficiency, economy and value for work. His initiatives of energy savings, Parichayam / Know your worker are simple techniques with huge financial savings or efficiency improvement for the organization.

Academic excellence to administrative acumen - Since his childhood Dr. Reddy is a disciplined person. Be it school attendance, academics or extracurricular activities he was a pride of the school. This dedication not only earned him academic laurels from KG to PG, but also landed him in the much acclaimed Indian Administrative Service (IAS). As administrator, he is known for his judgment and task centric approach. Because of this reason, he was known for at least a single good work of path breaking nature in each of the departments, he handled. His real ability is making all his support staff realize that their own job is important and a valued one. His administrative acumen proved helpful in facing administratively most challenging times more than once.

The crisis situation he defused as District Collector, Anantapur when there was an unexpected public outcry and bewilderment on demise of the World renowned Satya Sai Baba leaving his estate rudderless speaks volumes about his trouble shooting and problem solving abilities. His forethought helped create institutional mechanisms such as Strategic Performance & Innovation Unit (SPIU) to analyse and advise the policy makers about the futuristic needs of Mpl Administration Department in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State.

To sum up,
Dr. Reddy is a person with rich and varied experience in Development Admn. covering rural, urban, women and human development, housing, poverty alleviation issues to name a few. He is not just adept in using the IT tools &technological advancements for better dissemination of information and objective decision making, his first emphasis will always be on human interventions with practical approaches.

Dr. Reddy’s down to earth approach, workaholic attitude, trait of recognizing and appreciating latent potential of support staff, penchant appetite to highlight the contributions of fellow Unsung Heroes stands him apart from the normal business as usual Managerial lore. His presence makes a huge difference in any organization.

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