Leaders are Born or made?

We strongly believe that leaders are not only born, but can also be made.

There is a need for a large number of leaders in different sectors to transform a developing nation into a developed nation. Leaders are not only born but can also be made. With this belief, Project Management Institute, Pearl City chapter (PMIPCC), Hyderabad is providing a platform through which young students could be shaped into future leaders.

We need industry and Nation Ready Leaders to play a significant role in development of a nation.

Industry Ready Leader: The nation needs capable leaders for the Industry. If we can cultivate leadership qualities in the students at the inception stage of their life, it would go a long way in addressing the needs of the Industry. They need desired inputs in terms of knowledge and awareness on introducing timely new products or services, bringing distinctive competencies and developing innovative business models, etc. to address the global business demands.

Nation Ready Leader: On similar lines the Nation also needs leaders who can make an impact on society thereby facilitate the development of a nation. Leaders are needed in bureaucracy, in social sector and even in the political arena. They need to bring innovation in the governance and major changes in various aspects of nation building. These dynamic leaders will have the right blend of capabilities and knowledge, which would help in introducing timely and innovative citizen services, creating the right environment for global business and developing innovative governance models.

It is our motto to make effective efforts to make Leadership, a way of life.

International Student Leadership Day (ISLD) is an exclusive day dedicated to "Leadership" and to the future of the nation(s) "The Students". This would be a day where students ……

  • Gain awareness on Leadership from various sectors - Industry, Academic, Government and Social Leaders.
  • Would be educated on the role they should play to take their nation into the league of developed and beyond.
  • Current leaders would plan out the future direction for children, students without mixing up with the past and present issues.
  • Would be recognized and rewarded for their all round performance and Leadership qualities.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor to spread this message amongst your schools/colleges to organize the event in the academic institutions, be part of guiding force to the students and groom at least one leader by each individual.

For any help required in organizing the events please write to [email protected]

International Student Leadership Day - Proposed Events

Any one (or) combination of the following proposed events could be celebrated on the occasion of International Student Leadership Day to be held on 03-Feb of every year.

It is NOT mandatory that the celebration is limited only to the following events. Any event which would help in positively influence, motivate and inspire the students to practice leadership is encouraged.

Taking Leadership Pledge: All students could take Leadership Pledge on 03-Feb of every year.

Conduct Leadership Run: A run towards Building 'Best of the Best' Nation. A Run/Parade/Marathon is conducted to demonstrate the spirit of Leadership (with national flags and other relevant banners).

Conduct Special Leadership Conferences/Events: Special Leadership events by Academia, in association with Industry and Government.

Enable Students to set their Vision: Dedicated effort by Parents and teachers to set the direction/Vision for shaping the future of their children.

Build Industry, Government, and Academia Consortiums: MOUs, Agreements to form forums, consortiums of Industry, Academia and Government for advocating Leadership Culture.

Recognize Academic Institutes: Recognition of Best Academic Institutes, which promotes Leadership culture.

Recognize All round Performing Students: Recognition of all round performing students by Industry and Government.

Exchange Greetings: Global Student Leaders Networking and Exchange greetings and celebrate the International Student Leadership Day as a festival.

Conduct Debates and Discussions in Media: Debates and discussions on importance of advocating Leadership culture into the minds of students in the age group of 12- 22 Years.

Conduct Idea Exchanging Events: Create forums for the students to share their Innovative and new ideas with Industry and other students.

Adopt a future Leader: Each senior Industry or Nation leader (could be you) adopt a student to transform into a Leader

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